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Hollywood megastars, business owners, Generations of women have become part of an exclusive network of 



Amanda Mason


Hometown: Manhattan
Platform: Reaching Kids Before Drugs Do
Talent: Classical Vocal

At Miss America: *Amanda assumed the title of Miss New York when her predecessor, Nina Davuluri, won Miss America.


Nina Davuluri


Hometown: Syracuse
Platform: Celebrating Diversity through Culture Competence
Talent: Bollywood

At Miss America: Nina won Miss America.


Shannon Oliver


Age: 25
Hometown: Manhattan
Platform: Cultural Togetherness: Everyone Has a Story
Talent: Operatic Vocal
Academic:  2010 graduate of Christopher Newport University

At Miss America: *Shannon assumed the title of Miss New York when her predecessor, Mallory Hagan, won Miss America.

Where is she now? Shannon lives in Washington D.C.  She is a contributing writer for the Huffington Post and continues to perform as a professional vocalist. 

Mallory Hagan


Age: 23
Hometown: Brooklyn
Platform: Child Sexual Abuse
Talent: Tap Dance
Academic: A junior at the Fashion Institute of Technology when she became Miss New York, Mallory is completing her degree in Fashion Merchandising

At Miss America:  Mallory became the first New Yorker since Vanessa Williams to win the national title when she was crowned Miss America 2013.

Where is she now?   Mallory was signed by William Morris Agency and is pursuing a career in television hosting in Los Angeles.

Kaitlin Monte


Age:  22
Hometown: Pittsford
Platform: Antibullying through Leadership
Talent: Vocal
Academics:  2008 graduate of University of Tampa 

At Miss America: 2nd Runner Up, Lifestyle & Fitness Preliminary Award, Quality of Life Scholarship National Finalist

Where is she now?  
Kaitlin was named the Anti-Defamation League's 2012 "No Place for Hate" Difference Maker of the Year. She resides in Brooklyn and is the host of Weekend Trivia on NBC New York and Mets Insider on SNYtv. She is in her 6th year performing with the USO International Show Troupe, and works as Marketing Manager at Julian Wolf Group.

Claire Buffie


Age: 24
Hometown: Manhattan
Platform:  Straight for Equality: Let’s Talk
Talent: Dance
Academic: A 2008 graduate of Ball State University, Claire went on to receive her Masters from Georgetown University in Public Relations and Corporate Communications

At Miss America: Top 12, America’s Choice

Where is she now?  
Claire was named the 2011 UBS Straight Ally of the Year and Ball State University Graduate of the Last Decade in 2013. She continues her work with One Voice Indiana and has officiated several same-sex marriages. Claire is the owner of Claire Buffie Photography & Design.

Alyse Zwick


Age: 23
Hometown: Scarsdale
Platform: Heroes: Helping Give Veterans Their Lives Back
Talent: Dance
Academics: A freshman at CUNY School of Professional Studies when she became Miss New York, Alyse completed her degree in 2011

At Miss America:   Lifestyle & Fitness Preliminary Award

Where is she now? Alyse became an NFL cheerleader with the New York Jets Flight Crew and continues to work as a film actress and commercial model out of New York City.

Leigh-Taylor Smith


Age: 22
Hometown: Brooklyn
Platform: Voices for Change: Empowerment through Service
Talent: Vocal
Academic: A 2007 graduate of University of Virginia, Leigh-Taylor went on to earn her degree in Fashion Marketing from Parsons School of Design

At Miss America: 3rd Runner Up, Lifestyle & Fitness Preliminary Award

Where is she now?   Leigh Taylor resides in New York City and is currently founder and CEO of Craft Box: DIY To Go.

Elisabeth Baldanza


Age:  23 
Hometown:  Oneonta
Platform:  Service Training Empowerment Program  
Talent:  Dance
Academics:  Elisabeth went on to earned her undergraduate degree from 
the State University of New York, Brockport 

Where is she now?  
Elisabeth is a proud mother and minister at BASIC College Ministries.


Bethlene Pancoast, 2006

Age: 24 

Hometown:  Bay Ridge

Platform:  Helping Teens Help Themselves

At Miss America:   Non-Finalist Talent Award

Where is she now? 


Kandice Pellitier, 2005

Age: 24       Hometown:  New York City

Platform:   Increasing Youth Volunteerism

Academics:   Junior at New York University

At Miss America: Quality of Life Scholarship National Finalist

Where is she now?  Kandice graduated from New York University Gallatin School with a degree in Entertainment Communications. She appeared in two seasons of The Amazing Race and as a coach on MTV's "Made". Kandice was a featured model on the Vanity Fair Sopranos Issue cover and is the Founder and CEO of Kandice Pelletier Swimwear.



Christina Ellington, 2004

Age:   24

Hometown:  New York City

At Miss America: Top 10

 Where is she now?  Christine resides in New Fairfield, CT and  teaches elementary education in Harlem.


Jessica Lynch, 2003

Age:  23

Hometown:   New York City

Where is she now?  Jessica graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor's Degree in Musical Theatre. She currently teaches at the In Motion School of Dance and is a mentor to local titleholders in the Northern New York region.

Tiffany Walker, 2002

Age:   23

Hometown:  Brooklyn

At Miss America:   Top 10, Lifestyle & Fitness in Swimwear Scholarship Award   

Andrea Plummer, 2001

Age:   23

Hometown:   New York City

At Miss America:   4th Runner Up


2000  Kelly Falgiano Miss Amherst

1999  Brandi Burkhardt Miss Manhattan - Miss America Non-Finalist Talent Award

1998  Deanna Herrera Miss Staten Island

1997  Lisa Esler Miss Fulton County

1996  Tammy Marie Harris Miss Oswego County

1995  Sunita Param Miss Western New York

1995  Helen Goldsby Miss Orange County - Miss America Semi-Finalist, Preliminary Talent Award

1994  Dione Lee Robinson Miss Northeastern New York

1993  Marcia L. Cillan Miss Manhattan

1992  Ingrid Olsen Miss Greater Syracuse - Miss America Non-Finalist Talent Award

1991  Marisol A. Montalvo Miss Brooklyn - Miss America 1st Runner Up, Preliminary Talent Award

1990  Maryalice Demler Miss Buffalo

1989  Lisa Molella Miss Dutchess County - Miss America Non-Finalist Talent Award

1988  Mia Seminoff Miss Manhattan - Miss America Non-Finalist Talent Award

1987  Alice Knisley Miss Metropolitan NYC

1986  Dawn McPeak Miss Metropolitan NYC

1985  Jill Renee Privateer Miss Buffalo – Miss America Non-Finalist Talent Award

1984  Mary-Ann Farrell Miss Manhattan - Miss America Semi-Finalist, Preliminary Talent Award

1983 Melissa Manning Miss Westchester County

1983  Vanessa Williams Miss Greater Syracuse Miss America 1984, Preliminary Swimsuit & Talent Awards

1982  Eileen Diane Clark Miss Greater Syracuse – Miss America Non-Finalist Talent Award

1981  Suzanne Alexander Miss Oneida County – Miss America Semi-Finalist, Preliminary Talent Award

1980  Cheryl Flanagan Miss Greater Rochester - Miss America Semi-Finalist, Preliminary Talent Award

1979  Kelli Ann Krull Miss Niagara Falls - Miss America Semi-Finalist, Preliminary Talent Award

1978  Paula Ann Pope Miss Greater Colonie

1977  Lesly Braun Miss Staten Island

1976  Sonja Anderson Miss Manhattan – Miss America 4th Runner Up, Preliminary Talent Award

1975  Mary Hinterberger Miss Thousand Islands

1975  Tawny Godin Miss Greater Saratoga – Miss America 1976

1974  Kristen Ann Krull Miss Erie County East

1973  Jo Ann Miller Miss Erie County East

1972  Judith Ann Keithley Miss Rochester

1971  Elizabeth Condon Miss Niagara Falls

1970  Katherine Jean Karlsrud Miss Westchester - Miss America Semi-Finalist

1969  Linda Marie Trybus Miss Amherst - Miss America Semi-Finalist

1968  Patricia Joy Burmeister Miss Porterville – Miss America Semi-Finalist

1967  Kari Marie Pedersen Miss Staten Island – Miss America Non-Finalist Talent Award

1966  Penelope Donoghue Miss Westchester

1965  Marlene Butcher Miss Dunkirk

1964  Julie Just Miss Buffalo – Miss America Non-Finalist Talent Award

1963  Barbara Annn Gloede  Miss Dunkirk-Fredonia – Miss America Non-Finalist Talent Award

1962  Paula Roberta Heins Miss Le Roy

1961  Katheryne Taylor Modern Miss Buffalo

1960  Susan Jane Talbert Miss Dunkirk-Fredonia

1959  Bonnie Jo Marquis Miss Huntington – Miss America Semi-Finalist, Preliminary Swimsuit

1958  Miriam Sanderson Miss Renesselaer

1957  Janet Corrigan Miss Huntington

1953  Jeannine Bowman Miss Rome

1952  Joan Marie St. John Miss Binghamton

1951  Louise Orlando Miss Syracuse

1950  Marilyn Reynolds Miss Syracuse

1949  Wanda Nalepa Miss New York City

1948  M. Yvonne Fix Miss Niagara Falls

1947  Carol Lee Fredricks Miss Harrison

1946  Violet Mellar Miss White Plains - Miss America Semi-Finalist

1945  June Jenkins Miss Elmont

1944  Bobby Macadam Miss Brooklyn

1943  Marion Butler Miss New York City

1942  Marion Mosell Miss Utica – Miss America Preliminary Talent Award

1935  Vern Hall Miss Bronx


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