Q: How do I know if I qualify to participate?

A:   All the qualification details are available here

Q: Why should I support the Miss New York Organization?

A:   The Miss America Organization and it's local programs are different than what you see on Toddlers & Tiaras. We pride ourselves on offering all prizes in the form of educational scholarships. Our titleholders are working in the community to develop their personal community service platform. We focus on discover of individual power and influence as we mentor our participants to reach their impact.

By supporting the Miss New York Organization and Empire State Educational Scholarship Fund, you are supporting higher education and leadership for women across New York State. Our partners and sponsors share our passion for helping women explore and master their potential, helping breed vital leaders for the coming generation.


Q: What's the difference between Miss America and Miss USA? Which are you?

A:  We are a proud state license of the Miss America Organization, founded in 1921 and is the largest scholarship network for women in the world. The iconic talent portion of the competition celebrates and rewards women in the arts.  The Miss USA Organization offers cash prizes to its winners.