Amanda Mason 
Miss New York 2013

Amanda Mason is a 24 year-old graduate student currently in her last year at the internationally renowned conservatory, Manhattan School of Music working toward her master’s degree in Classical Voice.  She has training in theater, musical theater, dance and film.  For opera she has trained in the U.S. and Europe under the instruction of numerous renowned Opera professionals.  Amanda was the youngest Soprano invited to study in Verona, Italy in the Opera Viva program and also in Montepulciano, Italy in the Corso d'Opera program. 


She is as passionate about performing arts, as she is an activist.  Since the age of fourteen Amanda has worked with numerous non-profit organizations across the country: American Heart Association, Building Homes for Heroes, Make-A-Wish, Locks of Love and Children's Miracle Network Hospitals to name a few.  


As Miss New York, Amanda continues to advocate her personal platform to educate youth about the dangers of abusing drugs and alcohol through her “Middle School Movement: Reaching Youth Before Alcohol and Drugs Do” prevention program.  The Middle School Movement not only includes drug and alcohol information, but helpful steps on how to maintain a healthy life to accomplish one's dreams. Amanda shares these steps with kids through her acronym she created, DREAM (Determination, Respect, Evaluate, Accountability and Motivation). These are the exact steps she took in middle school to get where she is today.  Her Drug Prevention Work Includes:


  • National Youth Spokesperson, National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence
  • Educated on drug abuse, addiction and prevention through the Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor Program
  • National Youth Spokesperson, Safe America Foundation
  • National Ambassador, Boys and Girls Clubs of America
  • 10 years of experience educating youth about the dangers of abusing drugs and alcohol


Amanda Mason Singing Je Veux Vivre from Gounod's Opera Romeo et Juliette


In middle school, Amanda Mason decided she wanted to become an professional singer.  To follow her dream, she chose to lead a healthy lifestyle and avoid negative obstacles.  She created steps to follow her dream. Now, she shares those steps with kids, in hopes of "Reaching Youth Before Alcohol and Drugs Do."

Amanda’s presentations are suited for classroom or assembly, and will be customized for each individual school. The presentation can cover the following topics:  


  • "The Dangers of Drugs and How they Affect the Body": Identifying and understanding the dangers and affects of Prescription Drugs (depressants, stimulants and opioids), Legal Drugs (over the counter: cough medicine, diet pills, inhalants and bath salts) and Illegal Drugs (marijuana, heroin, ‘molly’ and specific drugs affecting your community)
  • "The Dangers of Alcohol and How they Affect the Body": Understanding the physical affects of alcohol while learning the short and long term affects (brain development and body functions)
  • "You Are Not Alone": Tips for talking to parents and other adults


  • Role Play: Negotiation Skills, Effective Ways to Say No & Handling Peer Pressure
  • Myth Busters: What’s True and What’s Not (individual or team)
  • Drunk Goggles: The dangerous physical affects of alcohol


The DREAM Program

  • Determination: Keeping Focused on a Dream
  • Respect: Having Respect for Yourself and Others
  • Evaluation: Evaluate Situations and Make Positive Choices
  • Accountability: Owning Up to Your Actions
  • Motivation: Making a Commitment to Accomplish Your Goals


*The program can be adapted for High School Students. Topics include, Identifying Addiction, Impaired Driving, Party Peer Pressure and Resource Information. 

*For Kindergarden through 5th grade Amanda talks about Dreams, Keeping Active, Staying Healthy, How to Set Goals and Making Good Choices.

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I don’t want to just call myself a role model; I want to teach students to become role models themselves. The Miss America Organization has built a reputation for real activism and service, and I’ve done everything I can to pick up that ball and run with it. Ultimately, Miss New York’s job is to be a public servant.
— Amanda Mason