Camille Sims

Miss New York 2016


Camille Sims, Miss New York 2016 lives in Ithaca, NY and works in Human Development with an emphasis on youth social and personality development. She graduated from Cornell University with a major in Human Development and a minor in Inequality Studies. Her platform is Ensuring Wellness and Fostering Food Justice. This September Camille competed at the Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City, NJ and placed 2nd runner up.


Since 2008, Camille has trained in Youth Organizing, Racial Justice, and Food Justice frameworks with pedagogy in experiential learning and cultural competency. The communities she has worked with include low-income and racial/ethnic minorities in Brazil, Ecuador, Turkey, and communities in Upstate New York and throughout Tompkins County.  Her interests have been rooted in nutrition and exposing the diversity as well as the inequality within our food system. Agriculture is an essential portion of the food system and she strives to promote the importance of celebrating indigenous farming practices. Camille works to highlight and celebrate the voices of the food system that are often missed, such as farmers. She serves on the Tompkins County Food Policy Council as a Food Justice chair. Also, she is an Underground artist passionate about Social and Food justice. As a Melungeon, she is dedicated to bringing awareness to under-represented people's struggles and needs. 



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